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Recording a Match

Learn how to efficiently record and score wrestling matches using the MatBoss app, ensuring accurate and seamless match recording.

Accessing Match Recording

  1. Event Selection: Begin by navigating to the Event screen and selecting the specific event that you are ready to record. Touch the "Record Match" button below the chosen event to initiate the recording process.
  2. Match Recording Interface: Activate the recording interface by touching the camera icon. Control the recording by using the Pause icon. Note that the system keeps the entire recording as one file, regardless of pausing and resuming the recording.
  3. Color Modification: Customize each wrestler's color by selecting the color icon below the team logo.
  4. Scoring the Match: Use the available scoring symbols based on the current position of the wrestlers. Tap the corresponding buttons to record each scoring event.
  5. Period Progression: Move to the next period by selecting the "next" button and proceed to make choices based on the wrestlers' decisions in the pop-up window. Notice that the scoring events adjust automatically according to the positions of the wrestlers.
  6. Saving the Match: Save the recorded match to return to the Events screen, ready to record the next match seamlessly.

Optimizing Match Recording

Efficiently utilize the MatBoss app's match recording capabilities, ensuring accurate scoring and comprehensive match recording for effective analysis and review.

Tip: Check out the MatBoss University video below for a detailed tutorial on recording a match.