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Manual Schedule Setup (For Teams Not Using TrackWrestling)

Learn how to manually set up your team schedule in MatBoss if you are not utilizing TrackWrestling for schedule management.

Accessing the Schedule Setup

  1. Open the Scorebook Page: Begin by clicking on "Scorebook" in the main navigation of your MatBoss dashboard.
  2. Adding Events: On the Scorebook page, find and click the "Add Event" link to initiate the event addition process.
  3. Entering Event Details: A pop-up window titled "Add Event" will appear. Enter the name of the opposing team or tournament, select the event type, choose the event date, enter the starting weight, and select the event level (e.g., Varsity or JV).
  4. Confirming the Addition: After entering the event details, click the "Save" button to confirm and add the event to your schedule.

Your new event has now been successfully added to the scorebook.

Tip: Check out the MatBoss University video below for a detailed manual schedule setup tutorial.