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Generating Reports

Learn how to leverage the comprehensive suite of detailed MatBoss team and individual reports for in-depth performance analysis and valuable coaching insights.

Accessing the Reports Tab

  1. Navigating to Reports: Begin by accessing the "Reports" tab from your MatBoss dashboard. Utilize this feature to generate a range of reports based on specific criteria, such as year, level, and time period.
  2. Report Generation Options: Take note of MatBoss's pre-built team, event, and individual reports, as well as the opportunity to create custom reports or track cumulative records. Explore the various report options available to gain insights into team and individual performance.

Generating Specific Reports

  1. Team Analysis Report: Select the "Team Analysis" option and click the "Generate Report" button. Access the generated Team Analysis report based on your chosen parameters, such as the selected year, level, and time period. You can download or email the report once it has been generated.
  2. Individual Report Generation: Navigate to the "Individual" tab and select a specific wrestler. Choose the desired report type and click the "Generate Report" button to generate an individual report tailored to the selected wrestler.
  3. Custom Report Creation: Access the "Custom" tab to create personalized reports. Select the specific metrics you want to include in the report, and click "Generate Report" to create a customized report according to your preferences.
  4. Cumulative Data Reports: Explore the "Cumulative" tab to generate reports on various data, such as in-season leaderboards or career records. Select your desired criteria and click "Generate Report" to create cumulative reports based on specific performance data.

Leveraging Insights for Improvement

Harness the power of MatBoss's diverse reporting capabilities to uncover valuable insights for team improvement and individual wrestler development. Utilize the generated reports to inform data-driven coaching strategies and enhance overall team performance.

Tip: Check out the MatBoss University video below for a detailed generating reports tutorial.