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Learn how to efficiently manage and record forfeits during a dual meet in MatBoss, ensuring accurate tracking of team scores and match results.

Accessing Forfeit Recording

  1. Event Selection: Navigate to the Event screen within the MatBoss app to begin the forfeit recording process.
  2. Marking Forfeits: Identify the wrestler designated for a forfeit and select the Forfeit Match slider. Confirm the action by clicking Save to accurately record the forfeit.
  3. Updating Team Scores: Observe the automatic update in the team score, reflecting the addition of six points signifying the completion of a match with a forfeit result.
  4. Recording Multiple Forfeits: Efficiently manage dual meet scenarios where both teams are forfeiting by marking both wrestlers as forfeited. Witness the corresponding adjustments in the team scores to reflect the recorded forfeits accurately.

Managing Match Results

Effectively utilize the forfeit recording feature within MatBoss to maintain precise records of match results and team scores. Record forfeits seamlessly, ensuring comprehensive tracking of match outcomes during dual meets.

Tip: Check out the MatBoss University video below for a detailed tutorial on managing forfeits.