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Event Setup

Learn how to efficiently set up an event for recording on your MatBoss device, ensuring seamless performance and accurate data tracking.

Preparing for the Event

  1. Device Readiness: Ensure your recording devices are adequately charged and have sufficient storage space before the event.
  2. Navigating to Events Tab: Access the Events tab on your recording device to view upcoming, previous, or all events. Utilize the drop-down at the top of the window to switch Scorebooks.
  3. Managing Event Details: Click into the specific event you are preparing for. Select the edit icon to incorporate the opposing team's roster from TrackWrestling. Utilize the "Select from TrackWrestling" button to locate and select the opposing team. Save the changes.
  4. Adding Bouts: Tap "Add Matches" to include specific bouts within the event. Confirm your selections. MatBoss will automatically pre-build all matches based on the selected event.
  5. Wrestler Management: Modify wrestlers as needed from the event screen. Use the "Edit" icon to adjust wrestler details for each match via the displayed popup.

Initiating the Recording

Begin recording by touching the "record match" link below the desired bout. You will be directed to the recording screen. Refer to the dedicated recording and scoring video for detailed instructions on managing the match.

Tip: Check out the MatBoss University video below for a detailed event setup tutorial.