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Changing Scoring Mode to Freestyle or Greco

Discover the process of changing the scoring mode to freestyle or Greco within the MatBoss app.

One of the remarkable features of your MatBoss subscription is the year-round access it provides. This means you can utilize MatBoss not only during the regular season but also for any camps or freestyle competitions that come your way.

We highly recommend utilizing the "Practice" scorebook for these types of competitions. By doing so, you ensure that the results of these matches won't impact the statistics of your athletes' College, High School, or Middle School seasons. Plus, all videos recorded during these events can still be easily uploaded and accessed by your wrestlers and their families.

Did you know that MatBoss has a specific mode designed for Freestyle competitions? Our "Freestyle" mode seamlessly adjusts the color scheme from Red/Green to Red/Blue, along with making scoring changes that align perfectly with the rules of Freestyle or Greco matches.

To learn how to activate this mode within your MatBoss account on your iPad, check out this short instructional video below.