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Adding and Ordering Highlights

Learn how to add and organize highlight clips within your MatBoss account, allowing for streamlined access and compilation of key moments from your match videos.

Accessing Video Highlights

  1. Navigating to Videos: Open an existing video within your MatBoss account by clicking the "Watch Edit" button. This action will direct you to the video player interface, providing access to various video editing features and functionalities.
  2. Adding New Highlights: From within the video, locate the plus icon situated in the upper right-hand corner of the video window. Click on the icon to reveal a dropdown menu, then select "New Highlight" to initiate the process of creating a new highlight clip.

Creating Highlight Clips

  1. Inputting Highlight Details: Enter a brief description, move, and specify the start and end times in the designated fields provided. This information will ensure the accurate and precise capture of key moments and highlights from your match videos.
  2. Saving the Highlights: After entering the necessary details, click the "Save Highlight" button to confirm and save your selected highlight clip. Continue this process for all relevant clips to create a comprehensive collection of highlight moments.

Organizing Highlight Orders

  1. Managing Highlights: Return to the main dashboard and click the "Highlights" tab to access the comprehensive list of created highlights. Select the specific highlights that you wish to include in your highlight-clip order for further organization and compilation.
  2. Submitting the Order: Once you have finalized your selections, click the "Submit Clip Order" button to complete the process. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to download your chosen compilation of highlight clips. Feel free to utilize this feature repeatedly throughout the wrestling season to capture and preserve significant match moments.

Tip: Check out the MatBoss University video below for a detailed adding and ordering highlights tutorial.