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Adding a Sketch to a Video

Discover how to enhance your video content by incorporating sketches and coaching tips, providing valuable visual annotations and instructions for improved athlete performance.

Accessing the Sketch Feature

  1. Navigating to Video Viewer: Begin by accessing the video viewer screen. Click the plus icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the window to reveal additional options and functionalities.
  2. Initiating a New Sketch: Select "New Sketch" from the dropdown menu. This action will prompt a popup window where you can begin the process of adding various visual elements to your video.

Creating Visual Annotations

  1. Incorporating Visual Elements: Within the popup, take advantage of the available tools to add shapes like circles and arrows, text, and freehand drawings directly onto the video. Utilize these elements to illustrate key points, highlight specific movements, or emphasize particular techniques for your athletes.
  2. Accompanying Instructions: Supplement your illustrations with relevant notes to provide further context and explanations aligned with your coaching strategies and guidance. Incorporate detailed instructions to ensure clear and concise communication with your athletes.
  3. Saving the Sketch: After finalizing your sketches and notes, click the "Save Sketch" button to confirm your annotations. Your added sketches and accompanying notes will now be seamlessly integrated within the specific segment of the video, facilitating effective video review and analysis.

Leveraging Visual Coaching Techniques

Harness the power of visual annotations and coaching tips to optimize athlete performance and skill development. Utilize the sketches to emphasize crucial techniques, highlight areas for improvement, and provide comprehensive guidance for enhanced training and performance outcomes.

Tip: Check out the MatBoss University video below for a detailed tutorial on adding a sketch to a video.