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Account Setup

Learn to set up your MatBoss account effectively: Visit the site, choose a subscription, provide team info, and use the Setup Wizard for tasks like password creation and logo customization. This will insure a smooth setup of your MatBoss account.

Getting Started

  1. Visit MatBoss Website: To initiate the setup, navigate to matboss.com and locate the "Buy MatBoss" button. This will grant you access to the MatBoss subscription options.

  2. Choose Your Subscription: Select one of the two subscription types available: the VideoStats subscription priced at $599 or the Stats-Only subscription.

  3. Provide Basic Information: Begin by providing essential information about yourself and your wrestling team, including your first and last name, role on the team, primary email address, phone number, team's level, and the state where your team competes.

  4. Select Your Team: Choose your team from the list of schools and clubs associated with your state. Please note that this list is based on data sourced from TrackWrestling.

  5. Accept Terms and Conditions: After verifying your information, accept the MatBoss Terms and Conditions and click the Register button to proceed further.

  6. Activation Email: Check your inbox for the welcome email and click the "Get Started" button and proceed to the Setup Wizard.

Account Setup Wizard

  1. Review Auto-Populated Information: Confirm the accuracy of the auto-populated information displayed. Make any necessary changes or edits.
  2. Create a Password: Generate a secure password and store it in a safe place. You'll need this password along with your provided email address to access your MatBoss account in the future.
  3. Organization Information: Showcase your team's identity by uploading your team logo in a web-friendly format such as .jpg or .png. If you don't have access to the logo at the moment, you can complete this step later in your account settings.
  4. Choose Team Colors: Select your primary and secondary team colors using the color-picker provided. Ensure that the colors reflect your team's spirit and identity.
  5. Integration with TrackWrestling: Although events and rosters may not be available in the TrackWrestling system at this point, you have the option to integrate your account with TrackWrestling later. For now, select the "No" option to proceed with the initial setup.
  6. Configure Your Team Scorebooks: MatBoss offers three primary scorebooks along with an additional Practice scorebook, which can be utilized for wrestle-offs or capturing exhibition matches. Customize your scorebooks based on your team's specific requirements, including adding or removing weight classes based on state-specific standards.
  7. Complete Setup: Once you've configured your team scorebooks, click the "Complete Setup" button to finalize the setup process.
  8. Access Your Account: Congratulations! You've successfully completed the MatBoss Setup Wizard. Click the "Continue to MatBoss" button to access your online account.

Follow these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth and efficient setup of your MatBoss account, allowing you to make the most of the platform's valuable features for your wrestling team.


Check out the MatBoss University video below for a detailed Account Setup tutorial.